Can I have a show of hands? Raise your hand if you can tell you are feeling 100% positive about advancement of technology — that you think it will propel us only further, towards better future, with no negative side effects.

Is your hand in the air? Are you conflicted…

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

There were times when travel agents were the ‘go-to’ when one wanted to travel abroad. They were the ones who were in possession of all the ‘global’ knowledge. You booked an appointment with them and they did the magic. They swiftly made air travel arrangements, recommended the destination’s best hotels…

The Innocent range [Image from:]

Innocent has been making fruit drinks since 1999. What started as a goofy smoothie-selling gig at a festival became the biggest name in the ready-to-drink industry game, with revenue as high as £431.8m (as of 2019). Their repertoire, promising sustainably sourced materials, zero added-sugar, and recyclable packaging, ranges from juices…

Nadja Moncolova

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